2023 2nd International Conference on Image, Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition(ISPP2023)
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Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! 2022 International Conference on Image, Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition(ISPP2022)was successfully held on 25 February, 2022.

Keynote speaker 1:

Prof. Xinsong Yang

Sichuan University, China

Title: Synchronization of Coupled Time-Delay Neural Networks with Mode-Dependent Average Dwell Time Switching


Keynote Speech 2:

Prof. Chien-Hung Yeh

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Title: Electrophysiological Signal Processing in Neuromodulation Technology


Keynote Speech 3:

Dr. Wenbin Shi

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Title: Advanced Signal Processing based on Complex Systems Theory in Intelligent Medical Technology


Keynote Speech 4:

Prof. Kiyoshi Hoshino

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Title: Gaze estimation and eye rotation measurement using a small camera placed almost next to the eyeball


Group Photo